Our Services

Technical Advisory
We provide technical advisors to work directly with the client, bring on board expertise required in your institution, programme or project. Technical advisory involves bringing expertise to your management and staff, guiding strategically and generating deliverables operationally alongside your teams. Provision of thought leadership is specialized fields. Leading specialized areas or leading in specific areas to contribute to your institutional goals and results. Experts available for public, private and development sector work. Areas of expertise in the fields of banking, microfinance, financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, SMEs, agricultural value chains, youth, gender, public private dialogue.


Training and Capacity Building
Providing training for management, staff, clients in various key areas in the financial, SME and agricultural sectors. Training in workshops, electronic platforms e.g. Zoom, Skype of groups or coaching individuals and building capacity for delivering functions through knowledge and skills. Guiding leadership to enhance capacity for strategic direction in core business in the financial, SME and agricultural sectors, lobby and advocacy. Women and Youth product development and lending. Training in materials developed.


Materials Development
Development of manuals, trainer’s guides, policies, procedures, tools, products content for specific topics of interest. training management, staff and clients. Content specific to banking, microfinance, entrepreneurship, agricultural value chains, gender, youth. Development of policy briefs and national policies and acts.

Research and Evaluations
Conducting research for sectorial analysis, target group analysis, programme or project base lines and mid-term, end term evaluations. Design of research tools, methodologies, teams executing the full research process, coordination of research process, data capture and analysis and presentation of results in full detailed reports, summaries, infographics, briefs, case studies and success stories.


Resource Mobilisation and Investor Readiness
Identifying relevant funding opportunities for business projects. Guiding processes of development of business plans, due diligence processes, investor readiness preparation. Development of confidentiality agreements and liaison for project promoters and funding opportunities. Development of Proposals for development sector, donor funding and programme frameworks.